2240 N Canton Center Road Canton, MI 48187  | Canton's Newest Sports Bar!

Spoon's Place


Spoon’s Place is an independently owned and operated restaurant in Canton, MI that was created after two Plymouth/Canton residents saw a need for a non-chain establishment in the area. The concept was to simply create an environment that was well suited to have great conversations, watch a game, serve quality freshly cooked meals and offer a great draft beer and spirit selections.


After three years of searching for the perfect location, owners, Andy and Tom, decided to take a chance on the former Max & Erma’s location.


Andy, a real estate agent in the Plymouth/Canton area had confidence that his best friend, Tom, with a long-withstanding career in the restaurant industry, would create a menu of delicious, freshly made, options that would keep guests coming back for more. However, neither Andy or Tom had experience in “the front of the house” – so they were appreciative of Vicki’s desire to join the team.


Together, Andy, Tom and Vicki have partnered to create Spoon’s Place – named after, the man behind the operation, Tom Spoon.